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Chau Pho Hotel

  • 88 Trưng Nữ Vương, TP. Châu Đốc, An Giang, Viet Nam

  • +84 763 564 139
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40 $
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Chau Pho Hotel is located at the center of Chau Doc City which is among the prettiest 3-star hotels in Chau Doc City. Just 15 minutes’ drive from Chau Pho Hotel to tourist sites and historical – cultural sites such as Sam Mountain, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tay An Pagoda, Champa village

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  • Equipped with glass bathroom, shower, hot and cold water, airconditioner, minibar, tea table and armchairs, desk and other facilities.
  • Particularly, the Suites have a seating area with plush sofas, queen size bed.
  • Free tea, coffee and 1 mineral bottle per pax per night,
  • Free breakfast buffet for 2 persons.


  • Rooms with large windows, bright and airy, viewing nice landscapes of the city, park, rice fields, fish bonds, tennis court, Sam Mountain, etc,
  • New and luxurious equipment and devices,
  • Solar water system,
  • Large and airy corridors; each floor has 2 stairways at both ends of the corridor,
  • All day security service with a camera system and fire detection,
  • The hotel is equipped with a generator of high capacity to guarantee the daily power,
  • Each room has a safe and private respirator protection,
  • Free wifi in public areas such as lounge, restaurant, conference room and private rooms.

Chau Pho Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Chau Doc. Seeing from the high floors, overall picture of Chau Doc town appaers tranquilly. It just takes the tourist about 15 minutes to drive from Chau Pho to the famous place of pilgrimage in Vietnam - Lady Chua Xu temple or to the other cultural and historical monuments such as Sam Mountain, Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau, Tay An Pagoda ...

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