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Vietnam Customs Regulations

Vietnam Customs Regulations

Customs procedures in Vietnam are quick and simple. To enter and exit Vietnam, visitors are required to fulfill the entrance and exit procedures (form CHY-2000).

Goods prohibited to import: weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment, drugs, toxic chemicals, debauched and reactionary products, firecrackers of all kinds, toys with negative impacts on the dignity education, social security and safety, cigarettes beyond the stipulated quantity, etc.



Goods prohibited to export: weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment, antiques, drugs, toxic chemicals, wild animals, rare and precious animals and plants, documents related to the national security, etc.


Vietnamese travelers are entitled to bring along up to USD 3,000. A larger amount must be declared with a permit to take foreign currency oversea.

Foreigners are entitled to bring into the country USD 3,000 and a larger amount should be declared, 3m/m diamonds must be declared.

Machinery equipments exceeding USD 300 value should be declared and not to be packed in registered luggage. Merchandises imported will be evaluated by Vietnam custom ( not contingent on overseas invoice ); exceeding value of the USD 300 limit will be subject to 50% tax.

Electrical equipments, in particular, are subject to 50% tax without USD 300 dedication. In addition, a 10% VAT on the value of the equipment is to be paid, exclusive of import tax.

Assistance will be given to travelers on entry – exit procures and customs regulations.


According to related regulations, overseas Vietnamese or Foreigners allowed to stay in Vietnam over 3 months, having driving permit still valid are entitled to change for a temporary permit with the same length of validity but not longer than local permit validity length ( 3 to 5 years contingent upon category instead of previous regulation on residence length permission ).


With the yellow and white declaration form, travelers are requested to declare clearly : movie camera, recorder and other electronic equipments not classified as personal utensils.

Accompanied monetary amount should not exceed to USD 3,000.

Video cassette tapes are to be retained for inspect on for a few days before being returned to their owners.

The green custom form must be constantly retained by travelers to be used on their home bound trip at the port of departure .

Duty free articles include : 200 cigarettes, 2 liters of brandy, reasonable amount of perfume and personal cosmetic goods.


When To Travel To Vietnam

Good time to Travel in Vietnam is from September to June. However, Vietnam has three different regions – the North, the Central and the South – each with different weather patterns and different rainy seasons. This means that there is neither a best time nor a worst time to visit Vietnam. Hot summer or Cold winter is not that a big deal. Nice beaches such as Halong bay, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet or Phu Quoc Island are always available; Sapa and Dalat highlands offer great places for cool temperature. You can find your favourite kind of weather all year round for your next Vietnam Tours!



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