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MICE industry becoming a new trend of Vietnam tourism

MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) is considered the golden segment and becoming a new trend of Vietnam tourism.


Vietnam MICE industry is bringing huge profits, according to Vietnam Mice Planner, currently MICE tourism’s revenue is 06 times higher than conventional forms of tourism - Western MICE tourists spend 700-1000usd/day and Asian MICE tourists spend 300-400usd/day. Therefore, this will be a great resource which the Vietnamese Government and enterprises should pay a great determination to develop into a strong industry.


Vietnam tourism infrastructure, particularly the hotel and resort system at 4-5 star grades, is developing at a rapid rate and are able to meet customers’demands for Mice tourism.


Vietnam has experienced in hosting big international events and also took every opportunity to promote MICE tourism on events and forums of regional and international levels to let the world know more about Vietnam.


Vietnam has a lot of scenic, heritage and people are open, enthusiastic and friendly. Vietnamese cuisine is very rich, and wonderful. The four thousand year history of Vietnam is also an attraction for tourists, especially tourists of Mice industry. These are favourable conditions for Vietnam to develop MICE tourism - Mice industry is really becoming a new trend of Vietnam tourism