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Meet HANDETOUR at Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Shows on 27-28 Feb 2016

Handetour.Com Vietnam cordially invite you to our Booth #1015 at Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show on 27-28 Feb 2016 – Where you could find travel information, plan and book your next trips to Vietnam and South East Asia




““We are excited you’ve found the LA Travel & Adventure Shows – the ONLY travel show in Los Angeles and the largest travel show in the Nation!  It is THE place where travelers congregate annually to dream, plan, and book their next vacations.  You’ll be inspired and get ideas on where to go, what to do and the latest travel information to keep you in the know— along with a bona fide list of reputable travel companies that have been serving our attendees for years..


In today’s hectic world, vacation time is limited.  At the LA Travel Show, we understand your time is precious.  So, when you do get a chance to travel, you want to make it count.  You have to know what destinations may be the best fit for your interests, what destinations will offer the most value, when the best times of the year are to go, and what to do when you get there.  It’s like walking through a living guide book with thousands of world experts to talk to. You can spend countless days and hours searching the internet or thumbing through a book for this information.  Or, you can make the first stop of your next vacation the LA Travel & Adventure Show—a travel lover’s paradise and information hub.


We’ve put together some useful tips to make the most of your LA Travel Show experience and help you as you embark on “your next destination”.””


(The Travel and Adventure Show Team)