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Dear Do Vien and Handetour work team:


To begin, let mi tell you that we had a wonderful time en Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Thanks for everything. We found a good ans serious company in Handetour.


Now I go to the questions:


1. What do you think of our guide service?


"Very good" in order to get an easy and quick orientation in your own language, in general.

On the other hand, each guide has a particular work attitude, that I´d classified in three levels:

First and best (excellent): Mrs. Ly (Hué - Hoi An) and Mr. Tru (Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta)

Good, but not much more than that: Mr. Thanh (Hanoi - Ha Long) and Mr. Remy (Phnom Penh)

Ordinary, trending to not so good: Mr. Phalla (Siem Reap - Angkor) and Mr. Sith (Laos).


We understand Spanish speaking guides are difficult to get, so that our general level of satisfaction es "very Good" in general.


2. What do you think of our driver service?


In general, very good too. Let me remark the one in Laos who was really outstanding.

Drivers without guide were also very kind.


3. What do you think of the hotel service and their breakfast?


In spite of big differences, very good in general too.


4. Do you like the meal we arranged?


Yes, in general. But there were some places where everything invited us to think the guide (or whoever responsible) had not booked. It was the case in more than one occasion with the guides in Siem Reap and Laos.


5. Would you mind sharing your pictures during the trip with us?


I'd love it, when I finish organizing them (I have nearly 4,000)


6. Would you like to be our reference by authorizing us to give out your email address?


Yes I do. We will easily recommend your Company.


Thanks for everything.

Alejandro Robles Oyarzun

Juan Mauricio Ramos Madrigal



Hi Nguyen

Well we are back home and the weather is certainly cooler here (12deg) compared to what we experienced on our trip in Vietnam.  We have all commented on how we would prefer to be back in the warm!!!!!

On behalf of my group we all would like to thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip for us.  We all had a wonderful time and found Vietnam an amazing destination.  We cannot speak highly enough of your company, as the tour that you organised for us was amazing.  As a travel agent, I felt you covered our destination very well and you certainly thought of everything, in regards to what we wanted to see and do.

Our guides were just wonderful and looked after us well – especially Ha based in Hanoi.  His knowledge and personality was just outstanding and we all had a wonderful time with him.  He looked after us so well and nothing was ever a problem.  He knows his area well and as for the people he has contact’s with (such as the people in the villages in Sapa) is a credit to him.  The fact that we were able to visit people’s homes and see how they live, is a credit to him, as those little things were a bonus on our trip.  Yee in Ho Chi Min City is another credit to your company; however, all of the guides did an amazing job, so please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all of them.  The fact that they all checked us in at the airport and did not leave us until they knew we were okay, was something that stood out for me – well done to all of them.

All of the hotels that you booked for us were great (considering they were of a 3 star standard).  All of the hotels were clean and well presented and the staff were great.  The one thing that stood out for me was the bell boys – they were always there to help with our bags, help us across the busy roads and all with a smile of their faces –a credit to them all.  They were such a pleasure to deal with and nothing was ever a problem.

The highlight of the trip for me was our overnight experience on a junk in Halong Bay.  Halong Bay is a credit to Vietnam and is truly a must see.  I thought Sapa was beautiful (even though it rained) and I would come back their again.  I even enjoyed the overnight trip on the train.  Nha Trang is a lovely destination to visit especially for the beach and I could have done with another day their.  In saying that, we all enjoyed our whole itinerary that you organised for us and feel that we would never have seen half of what we saw if we had tried to do it ourselves.

Well – it is back to reality and yes we are all back at work.  I would have no trouble recommending your company to my clients and once again we thank you so much for planning such an awesome holiday for us.  I certainly hope to be in touch in the future and please pass on our thanks to Ha, Loc, Cuong & Yee for taking such good care of us.

Kind regards

Sharlene Benson-Thompson

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Mr Tuan Anh,

We are very pleased and delighted of our visit in Viet Nam.
Thank you and your staff for smooth arrangement of our stay in Ha Noi, Ha Long, Hoi An and Nha Trang and all transfers.
Your guides were very informative and flexible and they have been able to accept our additional wishes.

For sure we will visit Viet Nam again and of course we will use Handetour to arrange it.
We will also recommend Handetour to all our friends.

Andrzej Bylicki, Wieslawa Anna Bylicka

PS. I would appreciate very much your acceptance of  meeting  during your next visit in Warsaw.

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Dear Mr Dinh Chi,
Good morning to you.
I’m back to Singapore! Just to tell you that me & family enjoy the trip & thanks for your arrangement.
Tour guide & Driver very helpful.
Thanks & Best Regards
Sheena Lim


Hi all

Thank you for taking such good care of our clients - they loved their trip!

See comments below. Regards Leith Malcolm

Hi Leith,

I have been meaning to email to let you know everything went beautifully in Vietnam and we LOVED our trip. Only just back so hence the tardy response to let you know all went well. We really enjoyed Saigon and all the war history. It was so interesting to hear the history from the Vietnamese perspective. The kids got a lot out of it and really enjoyed the tunnels and the remembrance museum. We all LOVED Hoi Ann... such a beautiful old preserved town with a great ambience....found lots of great bars and restaurants and of course all had some clothes made. Enjoyed Hanoi but the highlight was catching the night train to Supa.... we  loved Supa village, the people and trekking through the villages around Supa. We had glorious sunshine in Supa and reasonable weather on Halong Bay so were able to enjoy the canoeing and swimming. All the drivers and guides were great and there were no hiccups...... our guide Dung in Hanoi/Halong Bay and Supa was a delight and we had a hysterical night with him on the eve of TeT sharing a hot pot and drinking rice wine.  Rebecca and Luke have just told me he has become their friend on face book!

So thanks so much Leith for you efforts to put the tour together for us.

Steffanoni family/ Australia

Dear Mr Do Vien

Thank you for your email.

We have to THANK YOU for organising the most wonderful trip for us. We had a truely memorable experience and absolutely loved Vietnam and definately plan to return in the not so distant future.

From the first day until the last we were treated like royalty and we thank you for all your hard work making sure this would all happen for us.

We have replied to your questions below in Red, and would be delighted to act as a reference for your company, please tell your prospective clients they are more than welcome to email us at this email address anytime with pleaseure.

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Date: 15 July 2011 05:36
Subject: RE: HDT2070211 - Bareham Tour June / July - Thank you letter
To: Anne Bareham < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

1.     What do you think of our guide service?

Hanoi: Mr Ha was a very experienced guide, well informed, excellent English, a wonderful sense of humour, he really went out of his way to make sure we were safe and we enjoyed every minute of our time with him. Excellent guide we highly recommend him to your company.

Hue / Danang and Hoian: Ms Ninh (I am not sure of the correct spelling of her name) Ms Ninh was a very pleasant young lady who always met us on time and made sure we were comfortable. Her English though was not so good at times, Robert found it hard to understand her (I managed a little better,) she apparently was not very experienced as a guide, as she told us the "Perfume river trip" with us was her first one? She was  reasonably  knowledgable about the history and the country as a whole, and very keen to learn about ours too, however we did feel she was not a 5 * star tour guide, and we had to prompt her  for information many  times. She did not always avail herself to answer our questions and wandered off  ahead of us or sat far away from us on boat trips, making it very difficult for us to ask her questions about the things we were seeing. She even fell asleep in the car  on the longer drives .  Unlike Mr. Ha in Hanoi and Mr. Toan in Saigon, Ninh did not comment very much on many of the places we were passing nor offer us tales about the local culture, back ground and customs as we travelled. I think that because she was struggling with her English somewhat, she often kept her dialogue to the absolute minimum required.  However, she did make sure we saw everything on the itinerary and tried her best.

Hi Chi Minh City / Saigon: Mr.Toan like Mr. Ha seemed to be a very experienced guide, very well informed, excellent English,  he did everything to help us (especially crossing the busy roads) and showed us everything we needed to know to enjoy our stay. We enjoyed our time with him immensely, his knowledge of the Mekong Delta was especially good. he was well known where ever we went. Excellent guide we highly recommend him to your company.

2.      What do you think of our driver service?

All excellent, we always felt very safe and we had very good mostly new cars; we would have no problem recommending them all to you.

3.     What do you think of the hotel service and their breakfast?

Hanoi: Superb hotel, luxurious room, and breakfast was excellent.

Halong Bay: The Ship. A wonderful experience, the ship was beautiful, staff friendly and helpful, and all the  food was superb, our cabin was fantastic too.

Hue: Magnificent hotel in every way, our favourite, completely memorable. Breakfast was excellent

Hoian: Beautiful setting for a hotel so close to the beach, our room was luxurious and spacious. A little noisy (due to children on holiday, but we understood this of course) also the restaurant was a little crowded especially for breakfast, service in the restaurant in the evenings could have been better, but the food was excellent.

The Train: Was as we expected.... very basic, but we did see a huge amount of everyday life and scenery along the way until it got dark and the station / train staff were helpful and courteous, we had no problems at all.

Saigon: Hotel beautiful and truly “Majestic.” Breakfast was superb, room delightful and comfortable. We would have preferred a river facing room, and would have gladly paid the extra cost for this, but there were no river facing rooms available. Overall once again a lovely old hotel and a very well situated place to stay in Saigon.

4.     Which meal makes you memorable? Please name the reason why you like or dislike it?

The food in all the restaurants we were taken to on our trip was of the highest standard, similar menus in different settings. Robert did not always enjoy the food as much as I did, due to his not being able to eat any fish, seafood or mushrooms, this limited him a little but that was not the restaurants fault at all.

The most memorable meal was the “whole Cat Fish" which was put on the table in the restaurant in the Mekong Delta, this was quite different for us but was fun, and we will send you the pictures.

5.     Would you mind sharing your pictures during the trip with us?

We will definitely send you a small selection (we took 4000,) once I have put them in some form of order.

6.      Would you like to be our reference by authorizing us to give out your email address?

As I mentioned above, please do feel free to give us as a reference anytime.

Once again we thank you whole heartedly Mr Do Vien for making our Vietnam trip one we will never forget, and we will return to explore more of your wonderful country very soon.

Several of our friends are very interested in seeing Vietnam too and we will of course refer them to your compnay.

Our very best regards to you all,

Robert and Anne.

Do Vien,

We were pleased and satisfied, great fun and expectational quality, Cong Ha was the Best prompt, knowledgable, a lovely personality. Son had to be the best driver, he made us feel safe.

We had great time!


Boynton Frey



Thu Ha,

A very good tour, we saw a lot if sights. We will recommend tour to our friends in California. Mr. Tuan and Mr. Duc were helpful and knowledgable. We enjoy our trip

Jim Ketner


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Thu Ha,

Many thanks for your wonderful stay in Hanoi, Ha, we have really enjoyed your company and you fantastic stories and knowledge of this beautiful city and the local area. Hope your new baby is very quiet and has lots of sleeps! hahahahha!

Until we meet again when Michael becomes Prime Minister

All our very best!

Kathryn, Lindsay and Michael



Dear Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh


Arrived back in bangkok today  after a wonderfully planned trip. We would just like to thank you for your arrangements, we really had a very good and enjoyable time.

The hotels were superb and of excellet standard . Tours were very good.

We would just like to let you know that our guides in Ho Chi Minh - Vu and driver Duc  - were excellent they really went out of their way to help us, especially with the shopping.

Vu even helped carry our shopping in the markets today.  We will certainly request these two for our future clients and even our return trips in the future.

Thomy and Tuan were also very good guides and would be requested also.

Once again thank you for your arrangements, we will definately use you for our clients bookings.


Kind regards

Tracy Dunn
Sales Director

South Africa

Hi Thu Ha, Thanks for your nice trip in Vietnam, all was excellent excepting too much time for payment at hotel, hope Vietnam bank system will be better in the near future
Kind regards,
Lucidi Group USA
We are quite satisfy with your services, our tourguide Mr. Phuong (smiley) is very helpful and friendly
Michelle Group Singapore
Dear Mr. Tuan,

We have safely arrived to Moscow and want to share with you our feedback about trip to Vietnam. We were very satisfied with speed and quality of communication between us. You were very flexible to all our request, including the last minute changes.

All agreed points on the agenda were fulfilled, visas were waiting at the airport, hotels quality were up to promised standards. All accommodation was paid by you, we did not faced any issues connected with payments between Handetour and hotels.

During our trip we met 5 different guides. All of them were very nice, professional, with good spoken language, flexible to our requests.

Cars quality was very high, the same with drivers skills. We felt safe all the time.

All the restaurants were at high standards, with good service and tasty food.

We liked very much your flexibility with our additional requests, outside of agreed scope. Especially your help with our additional luggage in Hanoi which we could leave with you.

Based on our experience from other markets, it is common practice that tourists are pushed by guides to visit dedicated shops with souvenirs. We are glad that it was not a case with you. We did not feel any pressure from your guides.

Twice during our trip our internal flights have long delays. However we understand it was not connected with Handetours.

We have really good time in Vietnam. If we would like to make it even better, we would suggest to revisit program of Nhatrang. At the morning we have visited public beach on the island which was not very clean and attractive. We could not find anything interesting for snorkling as it was mention in our plan. We are sure that there are more interesting places around Nhatrang.

In general, we are very impressed with Handetour. We will definitely use your company in the future and we can recommend it to others.

With best regards



Dear Mr. Tuan,

I would like to wish you happy New Year. We are currently in Phan thiet at leisure, enjoying our last days in your beautiful country.

We had great time. We are very satisfy from all the services we have received until now. Guides were very professional, food was great, accommodation up to the expectations.

Dear Mr Tuan.
We are VERY satisfy with all the service we have received. I believe that next year we will come back to Vietnam. I hope I will be able to use your reservation again.

Talk & write to you soon.

Best regards

Irek Zyzanski

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dear Mr. Nguyen,

Thank you very much for guiding and for your love of your country. You go on developing and you will be the best!!!

Best regards,

Zamorin Vladimir

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dear Ms. Lien

Thank you for the arrangement of our tour. The trip was very interesting and the group is mainly satisfied. the overall opinion is very good.

Thank you very much!



Do Vien,   Got my friends from their feedback   We, Deaf friends of Singapore had a great time and good memories in South Vietnam. The tour was a well organized. We were very happy with the guide and driver. They are understand and patience with our communication in gesture. It was good that our guide, TAM’s efforts to explain patiently through his writing well with us for 5 days.   We would recommend to family, friends, to join. Some friends who will plan to Vietnam trip this year.   Yeah we agree with our friends all regarding the driving was fantastic and TU is tirelessly driving all day. TAM may have a little problem with vocal explanations. It is good that he can write English well. He is patient with us. we are sure he may have heard other tour guides commented mockingly about us being deaf and etc. One of us noticed Tam was calm n unsmiling to them, and talk very little with them. On the whole, trip was well planned.   Hope we all can go again with Handetour arranging our trip to North Vietnam, Hanoi. :-p   One thing, we want our memorial photos which Tam supposed to give us as gift. We missed it. Never mind. Thank you for Tam guided us to our dinner meals. It was very nice especially Hot Pot at the floating restaurant cruise for our best memorial.   We missed the local Vietnam food much.
Rgds Bee hwa and friends

Vietnam is a beautiful country, the driver was very careful, our tourguide Mr. Ha was very nice, is an excellent guide and make the whole trip very pleasant. Guide is very good informed and spoke English very well. He is very friendly as well
Thank you
Ninas Voulgadidis

Dear Tuan Anh,  
Thanks so much for an enjoyable tour of saigon. We enjoyed very much, specially the shopping at benh tanh market. Our tour guide is very patient with us even if he waits for  hours, he does not complain and always with a  smile. he is very good natured, thanks so much for giving us VINH for a tour guide.   Our hotel is very nice with the food which is excellent. I have one complain, the man at the concierge yesterday before we left we asked for a paper bag to put our things that were not accomodated in our luggage, he said yes and we waited for more than 30 minutes and when i asked for it why its taking them too long to give us the bag coz the van is waiting, he answered angrily that its coming. so that we did not wait anymore for it and we left.
Anyway thank you very much again and best regards.   

When To Travel To Vietnam

Good time to Travel in Vietnam is from September to June. However, Vietnam has three different regions – the North, the Central and the South – each with different weather patterns and different rainy seasons. This means that there is neither a best time nor a worst time to visit Vietnam. Hot summer or Cold winter is not that a big deal. Nice beaches such as Halong bay, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet or Phu Quoc Island are always available; Sapa and Dalat highlands offer great places for cool temperature. You can find your favourite kind of weather all year round for your next Vietnam Tours!



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1. We are a real local tour operator and we understand our country more than others.

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4. We design your own itinerary without any charges, no matter how many changes.

5. We reply your request within 01 working day to save your valued time.

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